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The State of Tennessee requires that all homeschool students must be registered with an umbrella school of their choice (which includes the public school you are zoned for) within two weeks of withdrawing from their previous school. For further information on this and other homeschooling legal issues, please refer to the Middle Tennessee Home Education Association website

NSCA has an umbrella school arm called Anthem Academy. We would love to further partner with you and your family in your homeschooling journey. Click below for more information and to apply!

 Parents Who Fight 

If you are a parent, teacher or leader who is concerned about the future of the "digital generation," you are not alone. Although technology advances in the past decade have skyrocketed productivity and educational opportunities, they have also created huge challenges as families and kids learn to navigate very real dangers online. Parents Who Fight was started to give parents the tools needed to not only become educated on issues like online pornography, social media, and sexting, but also to help them become vigilant in fighting against the negative effect these things have on their kids' healthy futures. 



 Shepherding A Child's Heart 

This is for parents with children of any age. Shepherding a Child's Heart is about how to speak to the heart of your child (Luke 6:45). Rather than simply controlling your child's behavior, you can guide them to identify matters of the heart. Often, parents are focused primarily on the external behaviors of their children rather than getting to the heart of the issue. When the heart is addressed, the behavior takes care of itself. This insightful video provides perspective and procedures for shepherding your child's heart into the paths of life!


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